Computer Tomography

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Measuring use in practice

Computertomography 10'' feed pipe upflow hydrogenating reactor hydrocarbons

Download please click here

Mode of operation

Density measurements with High Resolution on Vessels
Steel Vessels become 'Vitreous' Vessels

Requirements for the measurement object

  • Maximum outside object diameter 980 mm
  • Vertical object position required
  • Free radius in measurement position 700 mm
  • Computer tomograph must rotate 360° around object


  • Localisation of the density over the total object cross section with a solution of 1 cm (0,4 inch)
  • Density profile of object cross section
  • 3-dimensional picture of the density distribution of object cross Section


  • Cost optimisation of reactors for better productivity, conversion and yields
  • Optimisation of density distribution in fluidised bed reactors
  • Optimisation of reaction kinetic in reactors
  • Optimisation of the yields in reactors


Device for object diameter > 980 mm in development